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Why Testing is Key for Health Optimisation

At Revital Health Clinic, we take a proactive, preventative approach to wellness by detecting and correcting imbalances at the cellular level before disease can take hold. This is very different to the conventional reactive approach of waiting for illness to manifest before attempting treatment. Our optimisation process relies heavily on advanced testing to uncover deficiencies, toxicities, and imbalances that undermine health.

Identify Nutrient Deficiencies

Many chronic diseases are linked to inadequate intake or absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. Our metabolomic testing analyses levels of key nutrients in your body, revealing overt or subclinical deficiencies long before symptoms appear. This allows for early targeted supplementation to restore optimal status.

Detect Toxic Burdens

We are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals via air pollution, contaminated food and water, household products, medications, and more. These toxins accumulate over time and can cause cellular dysfunction. Our testing reveals your individual toxic burdens and susceptibility, guiding safe detoxification and avoidance strategies.

Assess Mitochondrial Health

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells, generating energy that drives all bodily processes. Dysfunctional mitochondria are implicated in nearly all chronic diseases. Our specific tests evaluate mitochondrial health, function, and genetics, pinpointing opportunities to support these critical organelles.

Evaluate Immune Status

A properly functioning immune system is key to preventing infection, autoimmunity, inflammation, and cancer cell growth. Our in-depth immune testing uncovers abnormalities like autoantibodies, cytokine imbalance, and poor T cell regulation so we can take appropriate steps.

Analyse Gut Microbiome

The trillions of bacteria in your gut microbiome play pivotal roles in digestion, immunity, neurotransmitter production, and more. Analysing your gut microbiome composition reveals dysbiosis, pathogenic overgrowth, and areas we can target for improvement.

Measure Biomarkers of Ageing

Advancing biological age is associated with declining health and disease risk. Testing biomarkers of ageing – including epigenetic clocks, inflammatory markers, and telomere length – provides objective data to gauge and slow your ageing process through lifestyle changes.

The bottom line is that guessing is not good enough when it comes to optimising health. Our sophisticated testing delivers invaluable personalised data to uncover risks and guide interventions to enhance your wellbeing. A test-and-correct approach is the foundation of our health optimisation programs.

Revital Health Clinic, located in Perth, Western Australia, is the only  clinic in the country specialising in Health Optimisation Medicine and Practice (HOMeHOPe). We utilise advanced metabolomic testing to detect deficiencies and imbalances, crafting personalised treatment plans to optimise your health

Take the first step and book an initial consultation or a free 10 min chat at Revital Health Clinic today. Our team of practitioners will analyse your test results and design a health optimisation plan to help you look and feel your best at any age.

Perth based Functional Naturopath and Lecturer, Jodi Duval discusses health tips and tricks for you and your family. Giving you the latest information to get you to your optimal health and empower you with the knowledge and passion to do so. Jodi will also be featuring guests from a variety of different areas of the health and wellness industry. Stay tuned and have fun!

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