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Trying to Conceive? Prioritise Preconception Care for a Healthy Start

If you’re contemplating starting a family or actively trying to conceive, the significance of preconception care cannot be overstated. As a naturopath, I strongly advocate for the optimisation of your health and wellbeing before conception. Preconception care embodies a holistic approach, tackling various aspects of your lifestyle and health to foster the ideal conditions for a successful pregnancy and a thriving child. Here’s why preconception care is essential and how you can best prepare for this exciting journey.

Understanding the Preconception Timeline

The preconception period is crucial for the development of the reproductive cells—the egg and sperm—that will ultimately form your future child. It takes approximately 90-100 days for an egg to mature and about 116 days for sperm to develop. Therefore, your lifestyle and nutritional choices during these critical periods can significantly impact the health of these cells and the genetic material they carry.

It’s advisable to dedicate at least four months to preconception care, allowing sufficient time to resolve any health issues, optimise nutrient levels, and establish healthy habits that contribute to a successful pregnancy.

The Importance of Preconception Care

Recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its positive effects on maternal and child health, preconception care is pivotal in reducing health risks and enhancing overall wellbeing for both parents and the child to come. In Australia, infertility affects about 1 in 6 couples, a number that has been rising over the years. A robust preconception plan can address underlying issues that contribute to infertility and increase the likelihood of conception.

Optimising Your Fertile Window

Understanding your menstrual cycle and identifying your ovulation are key factors in timing conception accurately. While fertility apps are popular, they often fail to provide accurate predictions for many women, with errors in identifying the fertile window occurring in up to 78% of cases. Personalised guidance from a naturopath can dramatically improve your understanding and tracking of your cycle, boosting your chances of conceiving.

Preconception Nutrition: Building a Strong Foundation

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in preconception care. I recommend adopting a Mediterranean-style diet, which includes a variety of vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and quality proteins. This diet not only supports general health but is also beneficial for fertility.

Avoiding Harmful Exposures

To further enhance fertility, it’s important to minimise exposure to harmful substances. This includes refraining from recreational drugs, limiting alcohol consumption, and monitoring caffeine intake, as high levels of caffeine have been linked to an increased risk of pregnancy loss.

Comprehensive Preconception Care with My Program

I’m thrilled to offer a comprehensive preconception care program at Revital Health. Together, we will address any health concerns, optimise your nutritional intake, and establish beneficial lifestyle habits. This program is designed to pave the way for a successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.

By investing in your preconception health, you are taking a proactive step towards laying the best possible groundwork for a healthy pregnancy and a vibrant future for your family. I encourage you to reach out and discover more about how this personalised program can help you achieve your family-building aspirations.

Please book in for a free 10-minute discovery call if you have any questions or would like to start your journey.

Find more information about the program here.

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