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Health Optimisation Concierge Program with Jodi Duval


Health Optimisation Concierge Program with Jodi Duval 

A high-touch, personalised health solution using multi-dimensional treatments with world class techniques and formulations  to support you to meet optimum health.

  • A personalised health solution, with science-based expertise and high-touch service so you can succeed at reaching your goals, performance and desired health.
  • World-Class Medicine Formulations that will help you to meet your individual health needs, with time, money and convenience in mind.
  • A fully personalised supplement protocol, diet plan, lifestyle changes and more to help you move the needle of your health.
  • High touch service. High performance.

Jodi Duval, over 15 years of clinical experience as a naturopath and recognised globally in integrative medicine. 

This is for you if…

  • You’re seeking advanced health solutions that are personalised to your unique biology
  • You want tailored, expert guidance from a functional health practitioner who has been in the business for decades
  • You’re ready to commit to complete optimisation of the mind and body
  • You feel exhausted from the thousands of paradoxes that exist in the health-scape today and don’t know what the real research says
  • And are looking for an evidence-based protocol to get your health back on track, sustainably.
  • Want a no-BS approach to health (with subsequent accountability from your practitioner).

Because right now your reality is:

  • You feel exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You have brain fog and can’t get through the day without stimulants
  • You can’t sift through the never ending information to get to a solution.
  • You feel sick of getting sick 
  • You want to do and enjoy everything in your life but feel too exhausted to. You are ready to get your life back.
  • When you do find a way to prioritise your health, you struggle to  stay on track
  • Have a coach for everything other than your own health. 
  • You want more than a health coach, you want a health expert that supports you in the most personalised way

If you’re wholeheartedly devoted to becoming the healthiest version of yourself, The Health Optimisation Concierge Program is your solution.

Backed by science, multi-dimensional treatments with world class techniques and formulations we’ll take you from exhaustion and overwhelm to thriving and excelling!

Book Your Discovery Call Learn if our concierge service is right for your health goals.

What is included:

  • Advanced Biometric Tracking: We utilise advanced testing like nutrigenomics, heavy metals panels, food sensitivity mapping, gut microbiome analysis and more to build a comprehensive snapshot of your current health and pinpoint areas for optimisation.
  • Bi-monthly consultations keeping you motivated and on track with your health goals. Regularly scheduled, these sessions allow for progress monitoring, adjustment of health plans, and addressing any concerns or new health goals.
  • Access to cutting edge testing/tracking so that you stay at the forefront of health technology and diagnostics. Use of the latest methods in health tracking, such as advanced blood testing, hormone panels, and genetic profiling, ensures that your health strategies are based on the most current and comprehensive data.
  • Personalised protocols/prescriptions so that you never have to guess that its made for you and sift through the sea of information.
  • Meal plans personalised to you to make eating in and out easier to reach your goals
  • Unlimited access to Jodi and the Team– you get us when you need us, every step of the way!

    About Jodi 

    Jodi Duval is a dynamic and passionate health professional, the founder of Revital Health, a leading health optimisation clinic in Perth, Western Australia. With a Masters in Human Nutrition and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, Jodi has dedicated her career to pioneering integrative health solutions, combining traditional medicine with cutting-edge technology.

    Jodi launched Revital Health in 2012, bringing a  holistic approach to health with multi-dimensional treatments with world class techniques and formulations.

    Her work focuses not just on treating illnesses but on optimising overall wellness, integrating the latest in nutritional science, naturopathy, and innovative AI technologies to provide personalised health solutions. This approach reflects her belief in the power of preventative medicine and the importance of a tailored approach to individual health needs.

    Apart from her one to one clinical work and the work of the Revital Health team, Jodi is the host of the Revital Health Podcast, a platform where she shares insights and discusses health trends with various experts, seeking to empower her audience with knowledge and practical advice for healthier living. The podcast has become a go-to resource for those interested in the latest in health optimization, featuring high-level guests and covering a range of topics from nutrition to the future of healthcare technology.

    Jodi’s commitment to health education extends beyond her clinic and podcast. She is a respected speaker and consultant, known for her ability to translate complex health concepts into actionable, everyday practices. Her expertise is sought after in workshops and seminars, where she speaks on the transformative power of holistic health practices and the role of technology in advancing healthcare.

    Through her work, Jodi Duval stands at the forefront of a health revolution, championing a proactive approach to wellness and utilising the best of both natural and technological advancements. Her dedication to her clients’ health and her contribution to the broader health community embody her commitment to fostering a healthier, more informed society.

    Concierge Clients Success Stories

    “The responsive, knowledgeable and empathetic service offer by Jodi was a real benefit to our whole family. An insightful hand hold was offered as we walk through this holistic health journey.” – Anonymous

    “Joining the health optimisation concierge program was the best investment I’ve made in myself. I have so much more energy now, lost 10 kg effortlessly, and feel mentally sharper than I have in years. The personalised supplement protocols and nutrition plans are game changing.” – Jessica

    “As a busy entrepreneur and dad, I don’t have a lot of time to research the latest health trends and experiment on my own. Having the concierge service design everything I need to boost performance based on my biometrics has been life changing. I’m executing at a much higher level now across all areas. Thank you Jodi!” Alex

    “This is the most comprehensive, scientific approach to wellness I’ve ever experienced. Seeing the bloodwork, dashboard style testing and genetic data that shaped my personalised health plan gave me the confidence that I was targeting issues at their root cause. I’m feeling better every day and so grateful for the support.” Kate

    “As a biohacker and self-quantifier, I thought I was already optimizing everything pretty well. Getting the concierge testing opened my eyes to a few key issues holding me back that I never would have discovered otherwise. The support I get from Jodi and the community she’s patched me into also keeps me accountable, which I love!” Rob


    Option 1. Local Concierge Package: Min. 6-month contract | $1,300 investment per month (equipment use and in-clinic medicine discount included) 

    If you wish to have no equipment included in your program – $900 per month. 

    • Bi-monthly consultations, online or in-clinic
    • Access to clinic equipment, including our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Red Light therapy, Infrared Sauna, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy, relaxation and meditation stations, and in-house testing.
    • Personalised medicines and nutrition support prescriptions (15% off all medicines as part of your membership)
    • Tailored meal plans and nutrition guidance with naturopath Pania Edwards
    • Acute support and direct access to your clinician, as required
    • Testing interpretation
    • Referrals to external practitioners, as needed

    Option 2. Global Concierge Package: Min. 6-month contract | $900 investment per month

    • Bi-monthly consultations
    • Access to the world’s finest testing, with guidance and detailed interpretations used for designing personalised protocols you can access anytime
    • Personalised medicine prescriptions (cost of medicines not included)
    • Tailored meal plans and nutrition guidance with naturopath Pania Edwards
    • Testing and tracking progress all managed for you
    • Latest and greatest available products and protocols at your fingertips
    • Acute support and direct access to your clinician, as required
    • Referrals to external practitioners, as needed

    Book Your Discovery Call Learn if our concierge service is right for your health goals in 2024

    Key Health Outcomes We See Through Our Concierge Service

    • Increased energy and vitality
    • Improved mental clarity and focus
    • More restful and consistent sleep
    • Enhanced physique and body composition
    • Better digestive health and nutrition absorption
    • Scientific verification of optimisation efforts


    Book Your Discovery Call Learn if our concierge service is right for your health goals in 2024

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long will my Revital Health 2024 Health Optimisation Concierge Service go for?
    A: We offer 6- and 9-month concierge packages so that you can experience the full scope of benefits on offer, and to best optimise and support long-term effects.

    Q: What kind of access do I get to my clinician?
    A: You will receive the direct contact information of your dedicated health professional, plus access to our doctors and nurses for any protocol questions. We also have an online portal for messaging, document sharing, and community forums.

    Q: Are there any additional fees?
    A: Your monthly Concierge Service cost covers all consultations, nutrition plans, testing analysis and core supplement protocols. Local clients get a 15% discount off the cost of any medications prescribed in their personal plan.

    Q: Can my Concierge Service be covered by insurance?
    A: Unfortunately, concierge services are not covered by insurance at this time. What we’d encourage you to think about however is how the intensive tracking, analysis and interventions provided through this service will lead to improved biomarkers that prevent disease and minimise other out-of-pocket healthcare costs down the road.


    Who is this Concierge Service Ideal For?

    Health Enthusiasts and Biohackers: People who are proactive about their health, interested in biohacking, and want to optimise their well-being through advanced testing and personalised protocols.

    Busy Professionals: Individuals with demanding schedules, such as entrepreneurs or executives, who value the convenience of a concierge service providing personalised health solutions.

    Those Seeking Long-Term Health Improvement: Our packages deliberately have a minimum commitment of 6-9 months, as this is the amount of time science deems viable for improving many of your biomarkers of health. Thich suggests that our ideal clients are those committed to long-term health improvement and are willing to invest in a sustained program.

    Individuals with Specific Health Concerns: People dealing with specific health issues or looking to address particular concerns through advanced testing, customised protocols, and ongoing support.

    Global Clients: The availability of both local and global packages suggests that the service is designed for individuals regardless of their geographical location, making it suitable for an international clientele.

    Those Open to Cutting-Edge Health Solutions: Clients who are open to and interested in cutting-edge health solutions, including advanced testing like nutrigenomics, heavy metals panels, and personalised supplement protocols.

    Those Seeking a Holistic Approach: Individuals who appreciate a holistic approach to health, including personalised medicine, nutrition support, and access to various wellness services like red light therapy, sauna, and PEMF.

    Clients Interested in Community Support: Do you value connecting with like-minded individuals for motivation and net-working opportunities? At Revital Health, we pride ourselves on our engaged community-base, and prioritise this facet of our outreach in order to connect more like-minded, health-conscious individuals.



    Book Your Discovery Call Learn if our concierge service is right for your health goals in 2024

    Details About Your FREE Concierge Health Optimisation Discovery Call*

    Embark on a transformative journey to optimise your health with our FREE Concierge Health Optimisation Discovery Call.

    This personalised session is designed to introduce you to our cutting-edge health optimisation packages and explore their suitability for your unique needs.

    During this complimentary call, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your individual health concerns, aspirations, and any specific areas you’d like to address.

    Our experienced health optimisation experts will provide astute insights, answer your questions, and outline the details of our exclusive one-of-a-kind concierge package, ensuring you make informed decisions about your well-being.

    Don’t miss this chance to take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Schedule your Free Concierge Health Optimisation Discovery Call today and unlock the door to a life of optimised health.

    *Available wherever you are in the world!


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