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Natasha Willoughby


Hello! I’m Tash – Naturopath and HOMeHOPE Practitioner here at Revital Health.

I graduated from my Naturopathic Medicine degree in 2021 and have been mentored by Head Naturopath Jodi since 2019. My alignment with Naturopathic Medicine was born from a passionate background in health and holistic wellness; including 5 years of personal training experience.

I currently facilitate Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition (including further qualifications as a Health Optimisation Medicine & Practice Practitioner, HOMeHOPE) for combined therapeutic use in a Health Optimisation realm. I use techniques such as lifestyle adjustments (physical exercise programs, meditation and mental health practice) alongside herbal and nutraceutical medicines to help patients get back on their feet with long-term outcomes.

My areas of specialty include teenage health (mental health, body image and early reproductive health issues) as well as having a clinical focus on skin, gut and hormone impairments in both young males and females. Being in my mid-20’s allows me to connect uniquely with young adults going through health issues of their own.

Having recently completed my HOMeHOPe practitioner certification which dives deep into mitochondrial and cellular health; it has enabled me to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue and Long Covid with the assistance of integrations with in-clinic technologies such as red light photo-biomodulation, hyperbaric and lifestyle techniques to restore vitality and energy to those who can’t seem to find resolution with their symptoms & conditions.

Want to know more? I do free 10 minute Discovery Calls to discuss how I can help you on your health journey!



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