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Comprehensive Preconception Program

Embark on a Path to Conception: A Tailored, 4-Month Preconception Program

Investment for a Healthier Conception Journey: Total Price $485

The journey to parenthood is often complex, with fertility challenges affecting 1 in 6 couples. Our 4-Month Preconception Program is designed to enhance your chances of successful conception, focusing on aspects like diet, lifestyle, and hormonal equilibrium.

Why Our Program Stands Out

  • Evidence-Based Approach: Integrating latest research with time-honoured practices for a thorough fertility strategy.
  • Personalised Care: Customised dietary, lifestyle, and supplement advice to prime your body for optimal fertility.
  • Thorough Analysis: Detailed case assessment, blood tests, vaginal microbiome evaluations, and advanced functional testing to identify underlying issues.

Program Overview and Features

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours):

    • Cleansing regimen: Dietary, lifestyle, and tailored supplements for both partners.
    • Complete case analysis and blood test requisitions; functional testing if indicated.

Second Consultation (3 weeks later, 1 hour):

    • Education on symptothermal tracking with an informational booklet.
    • Detailed review of test results (blood, hormone, sperm).
    • Commencement of preconception supplements, customised based on findings.

Third Consultation (4 weeks later, 30 minutes):

    • Analysis of symptothermal data.
    • Guidance on nutrient-rich foods with recipe handouts.
    • Necessary adjustments to prescriptions.

Fourth Consultation (4 weeks later, 30 minutes):

    • Q&A session, advice on timing, positions, and mucus patterns.
    • Further analysis of tracking data.
    • Encouragement for a relaxed and enjoyable approach to conception.

This is for you if: 

  • If you’re experiencing fertility challenges or just planning ahead for a healthy pregnancy, this program is designed for you.
  • Ideal for couples who wish to proactively address their health, understanding that a healthy conception and pregnancy begin well before conception.
  • Suited for those seeking a holistic, yet evidence-based approach to enhance fertility, with a focus on natural and lifestyle interventions.

Join our Comprehensive Preconception Program for a supportive approach to conception. Led by Pania Edwards, we are dedicated to guiding you through a customised, evidence-based plan, supporting your body and mind for successful conception.

Ready to Begin Your Preconception Journey?

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About Pania Edwards:

  • Naturopath & Occupational Therapist: With dual qualifications in Naturopathy (Bachelor of Science) and Occupational Therapy (Bachelor of Science), Pania brings a unique, well-rounded perspective to fertility health.
  • Passionate Fertility Advocate: Dedicated to empowering women throughout their fertility journey, from preconception to post-partum, leveraging the latest research and holistic practices.
  • Diet & Lifestyle Enthusiast: A fervent believer in the power of dietary and lifestyle changes, Pania integrates these aspects into each treatment plan, aimed at fostering long-term health and well-being.
  • Experienced Professional: Her background in Occupational Therapy complements her naturopathic practice, enabling her to offer comprehensive, holistic treatment plans that address all facets of health and wellness.


  • “Pania’s guidance was life-changing. Her holistic approach not only improved our fertility chances but also our overall well-being.” 
  • “The Preconception Program was thorough and tailored to our needs. We felt supported every step of the way.”

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