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Pania Edwards

Bachelor of Science (Naturopathy)
Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)

I’m a naturopath with a huge passion for all things related to fertility. I find so much joy in offering my support to women at any stage of their fertility journey, whether it’s preconception, during fertility treatments, or post-partum. I am continuously inspired by the incredible capabilities of a woman’s body. With the right support, combined with diet and lifestyle adjustments, the body can thrive during a period that society may view as challenging. I have completed further training in this area to gain even greater knowledge in this space, ensuring that I am up to date with the most recent research to support women in their fertility journey.

I’m also a massive food enthusiast, and I take great pleasure integrating dietary considerations into every treatment plan. I firmly believe that lasting changes are rooted in these holistic approaches, which align with my goals as a naturopath.

With experience as an Occupational Therapist spanning many years, I have developed the ability to thoroughly assess and devise treatment plans that embrace a holistic approach. This entails addressing every facet of an individual’s life in pursuit of genuine, long-term healing and transformation.


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