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Jodi Duval

Head Naturopath, Revital Health Owner, CEO of HomeHope Australia, Revital Health Podcast Host, Endeavour College Lecturer

Hi, I’m Jodi, the owner here at Revital Health.

With over 10 years in the field, I have developed the Revital Health clinic from the ground up after identifying key missing treatments and functional approaches that the Naturopathic Medicine world hadn’t seen before here in Perth, Western Australia.

I combine traditional and modern forms of medicine backed by cutting-edge, scientific research to identify and correct any imbalances, subtle deficiencies and/or toxicities in efforts to address the underlying causes of disease.

I love digging deep into a client’s health history, using a large database of functional and in-clinic testing methods to provide targeted treatment; including assessing genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors of disease.

My clients and I then work together to create a treatment plan to help them live with more clarity, energy and purpose – maximising their long-term health potential. With a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and being mentored by some of the world’s best Health Optimisation Medicine Doctors and Specialists; I believe in offering personalised treatment protocols to inform, educate and empower my clients to thrive in health and in life!


*Please note that Jodi is now only taking on new clients through the 6-Month Lock In Contract Concierge Package. Please reach out directly to enquire about the waitlist, or give us a call to see whether one of our other practitioners may be a good fit for you.


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