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Infrared Sauna

Revital Health houses a personally designed, low-EMF, Full Spectrum, 3-Seater Infrared Sauna.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses electromagnetic radiation emitted as waves of energy that create warmth from the inside of the body. Infrared sauna temperature ranges between 50-70 degrees celsius; opposed to a traditional steam sauna reaching temperatures of 70-100 degrees celsius. Infrared sauna penetrates the body on a cellular level and feeds our mitochondria to function with a boost!

The Experience

Our Infrared Sauna sessions are 45 minutes in duration, and the temperature sits at a comfortable 55-60 degrees celsius, encouraging a gentle detoxification. We provide filtered water, personalised music or meditation options for your experience and cold towels for an after-sauna towel off.

We do not currently have a shower facility, so we recommend wearing bathers to your sauna and bringing a change of clothes for afterwards.

The Benefits

  • Detoxifying and exercising the lymphatic system: Detoxification processes are promoted due to the nature of infrared penetrating the tissues on a cellular level. Enhanced lymphatic flow occurs alongside increased blood pressure and enhanced circulatory flow
  • Stimulating endorphins: Beta-endorphins are released in response to cardiovascular system activation
  • Enhancing skin healing: Infrared light significantly promotes tissue growth and cell regeneration due to increased mitochondrial stimulation
  • Weight control: Studies demonstrate infrared sauna can burn approximately 600 calories per hour (dependant on temperature)
  • Vasodilation for increasing circulation and oxygenation to cells and tissues: Increasing the internal body temperature stimulates vasodilation and increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissues (due to increased blood pressure)
  • Anti-aging: Infrared waves penetrate deep into the skin layers and will increase circulation and promote local detoxification for healthy tissue rejuvenation
  • Increasing metabolism: Metabolic rate is increased in response to infrared sauna due to the increase in internal body temperature. This may enhance the body’s ability to utilise nutrients absorbed from our food; even up to 30 minutes after your infrared sauna session is finished
  • Stimulating the immune system: In basic terms, any therapy that increases body temperature may enhance immune system function. Pathogenic microbes multiply and function at optimal temperatures (this is why our body’s natural response to infection is fever (38°C or higher))
  • Eliminating toxin accumulation: Toxin accumulation is enhanced as a result of stimulating all of our detoxification emunctories!
  • Producing heat shock proteins: Proteins are produced in response to exposure to stressful conditions. They play a major role in gene regulation and DNA synthesis, intracellular transport of proteins in cytosol, endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria, repair or degradation of proteins, and refolding of misfolded proteins

The Sessions

  • 1 x 45 minute Infrared Sauna session: $45
  • 10 x 45 minute Infrared Sauna session: $350 (save $10 per session)


Did you know that our Revitalised & Advanced Access Memberships both offer Infrared Sauna sessions? Head over to the Memberships page now to find out more.


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