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Eating to Beat Sugar Spikes and Lose Weight: A Strategic Approach

Revital Health in Perth, Western Australia : Your Partner in Personalised Wellness

Planning your plate in the right order can significantly impact blood sugar stability and aid in weight loss. At Revital Health in Perth, we offer comprehensive solutions, including in-clinic HbA1c testing and the option to prescribe CGM for a tailored approach.

1. Go Green First: Non-Starchy Veggie Kickstart

Begin your meal with a generous portion of non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens or broccoli. These veggies slow digestion, preventing rapid blood sugar spikes.

2. Lean Protein Second: Sustained Fullness and Blood Sugar Control

Follow with lean protein options such as chicken, fish, or tofu.  Protein minimises blood sugar impact. 

3. Complex Carbs Third: Building a Balanced Plate

Incorporate healthier complex carbs like quinoa or brown rice after loading up on veggies and protein. The earlier intake of protein and fibre slows carb absorption, aiding in better blood sugar control.

4. A Little Good Fat: Mindful Addition for Satiety

Include beneficial fats like avocado or nuts in mindful portions. At Revital Health, we emphasise the role of fats in blood sugar control and overall satiety.

5. Slow-Burning Carbs: Dessert with a Smart Twist

Opt for slow-burning carbs, such as a small portion of low glycemic berries, if you’re indulging in dessert. This choice minimises blood sugar spikes at the end of your meal.

6. Hydration for Control: Prevent Overeating

Stay hydrated before meals to prevent overeating. However ! make sure you are not consuming over half a glass during meals so you don’t dilute your digestive acid and enzymes. 

7. Personalised Solutions

With combining personalised diet and lifestyle and synergistic support from key herbs and nutraceutical compounds we can prescribe, our clients at often share feedback like ‘I realised I actually don’t even want those foods anymore,’ this is in the combination of our personalised strategies that include medicines, herbs, and tailored plans to curb cravings.

For those with insulin resistance, pre diabetes, diabetes or weight loss goals, specialised testing and continuous glucose monitoring are available at Revital Health!

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