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Parent, Innovator, Support System: The Multifaceted Pamela Gold On Uplifting People While Biohacking Health and Fitness

Behind every innovator is a living, breathing, feeling human being. For @enter.prtl founder Pamela Gold, it’s the heart behind the hack that built New York’s premiere biohacking fitness studio. 🩺💗

As Pamela shares in our podcast chat, her path to empowering clients with cutting-edge strength training began by overcoming profound personal challenges. From the isolation of life as an executive to the demands of parenthood, she knows the struggles so many face to thrive mentally and physically. 🤝

It was Pamela’s mission to uplift people like herself that led her to trailblaze biohacking fitness locally. She knew New Yorkers needed efficiency, results and a supportive community to find their best selves. 💪⛽️

Now with PRTL, Pamela has an integrated platform where busy humans can discover their most fulfilled fitness and health potential. But mainly, discover they don’t have to journey alone. 👪

Tune into Pamela’s very personal and emotional origin tale of what happens when innovation comes straight from the heart. Hers continues to beat loudly as the pulse of PRTL and for all those seeking their strongest self through the power of biohacking science and human connection. 🩺❤️

Hosted by
Jodi Duval

Perth based Functional Naturopath and Lecturer, Jodi Duval discusses health tips and tricks for you and your family. Giving you the latest information to get you to your optimal health and empower you with the knowledge and passion to do so. Jodi will also be featuring guests from a variety of different areas of the health and wellness industry. Stay tuned and have fun!

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