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Health Optimisation Medicine & Practice

HOMe/ HOPe is a real time preventative health management plan that is the underlying foundation of a disease management plan. Illness medicine diagnoses and treats disease. HOMe simply detects and corrects imbalances. HOMe/ HOPe is a nonprofit organisation. All profits of HOMe/ HOPe will go directly towards advances in coursework development. 

Dr Ted Achacoso founded Health Optimisation Medicine and Practice ( HOMe/ HOPe) in his home country of the Philippines. He had excelled in illness medicine which he had trained as an interventional neuroradiologist and pharmacologist and realised that this was a reactive and interventional and could benefit from an entirely different approach, to optimise health rather than treat only disease. He is an expert in metabolomics , gut and hormone optimisation along with the other pillars of what became HOMe/ HOPe.

Health Optimisation Medicine (HOMe) is a new specialty that takes care of the health of the basic cell that is common to all cells in the body — the nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria and other organelles, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, cytoplasm, microtubules, etc — which forms the base of specialized cells like muscle cells and neurons, and which in turn, makes up the specialized organs in the body like the heart and the brain. HOMe is for physicians and HOPe (Health Optimisation Practice) is for non-physician healthcare practitioners.

“Illness Medicine” diagnoses and treats disease at the level of the organ, for example, cardiology and neurology. In contrast, “Health Optimisation Medicine” detects and corrects imbalances at the level of the metabolome, for example, intra-cellular mitochondrial metabolites, extra-cellular microbial metabolites, and inter-cellular neurohormones. HOMe and HOPe use the sciences of Clinical Metabolomics, Epigenetics, Bioenergetics, Gut Immune System, Exposomics, Chronobiology, and Evolutionary Medicine – subjects currently not taught in medical and allied health schools.

The science of HOMe/HOPe is “network-wide range shifting,” meaning shifting the objectively detected levels of metabolites, especially of the major hormone and nutrient networks, into the optimal ranges seen in healthy adults aged 21 to 30. This means that HOMe/HOPe does not use the same reference ranges for laboratory tests used in Illness Medicine, for example, for hyper- or hypothyroidism. This also means that an entire metabolic subnetwork of values is shifted and not just one value.
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