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Treatments & Consultations

Online consultations where ever you are in the world, you can now look after your health with Revital Health.

We are offering a 10-minute free discovery consultation to help you select a consultation type and package and advise what consultation length is needed. This can be booked online here 🙂

The package levels we have:

Base level health plan to get you started. A diet and lifestyle taster to getting you feeling your best. Tackling your health issues and habits head on to get you moving towards your next step.

  • 1 hour and 1 x 30 min.
  • Additional cost for testing and medicines if required.

That next level health that you have been trying to get too 🙂 Takes you the step up from where you are, getting you set for increased health and lifestyle goals. Truly optimising you! With some testing, individualised medicines and a lifestyle plan.

  • 1 hour and 1 x 30 min
  • 2 x 10 min call for follow up.
  • Basic diet and lifestyle plan.
  • Additional cost for testing and medicines if required.

Your top level plan that encompasses all your health goals. The full deluxe health plan. Health optimisation testing at a cellular level, individualised compounded medicines as well as specific detoxing guidelines and lifestyle changes specific to your cellular health, diet plans, lifestyle plans and weekly follow ups and reminders to keep you on track.

  • 1 hour and 1 x 30 min
  • 4x 10 min calls for follow up
  • 4 week diet guide, lifestyle plan, individualised medicine plan for cellular health .
  • Additional cost for testing and medicines if required.

Consultation selections:

  • $79 for basic 30 min consultation
  • $160 for complex case 1 hour consultation.

Trouble getting to sleep? staying asleep? not waking refreshed or waking up multiple times a night? Time to get it sorted!!! Sleep is the number 1 important aspect affecting your life and health and your healing and recovery.


Constantly bloated? Pain/cramping? Constipated/Diarrhoea, IBS or IBD? Excessive burping, indigestion or trouble digesting your food? We can help!!


Low energy, lost motivation, don’t have energy for life? We can help get your spark for life back and look at why it got so bad to begin with 🙂


Feel like you catch everything that comes around? Acute infections and colds or flus? We can help get your immune system back on track 🙂

Food intolerance/allergies

Hay Fever, reactions to food? Heavy metal allergies or even mould and dust mites allergies? We can help!!

Skin health

Eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin or get burnt easily by the sun? Reactions to food or pigmentation issues? Let us help you find some solutions.

Children’s Health

Common colds, flu’s, growth spurts, nutritional advice, behaviour issues as well as fussy eaters let us help your little ones.

Women’s Health

Period issues, PCOS, endometriosis or just bad PMS? Recurrent UTI or thrush? Let us take care of getting you feeling better.

Fertility, Preconception & Pregnancy

Prepare your bodies for the conception of your beautiful baby. Support your baby and you through pregnancy and post natal care. Advice and options for fertility…we can look at possibilities that others may not have considered and then we take it from there.

Men’s Health

Hair loss? Sexual health issues? Urinary infections or prostate issues? Stress and anxiety or even depression, we can lend a hand and give you advice and support.


Yearly detox? Or need to detox off the party season? Mercury or heavy metal detoxing or just a general clean up and optimise of liver and body detoxification function? Let us help you do it right!!

Stress & Mental Wellbeing

Constant stress is real, but we have the tools to help you and get your body well adapted and ready to take it on without affecting your health.

Cognitive Function & Mental Performance

Poor memory? Poor concentration? Or just want to optimise your time, learning and work. Let us show you how.

Physical Performance or Recovery

Slow to recover, constant injuries? or just want to be ahead of the pack and get the most out of your workout or sport. We can help get you optimising your performance!!


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