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Nutrition Consultations

A Nutritional Medicine Consultation will provide an in-depth health analysis to create a holistic view on your health and factors contributing to your presenting complaint or achieving a health goal.

Spending an hour with a Nutritionist will allow an opportunity to identify dietary habits requiring change or adjustment, work towards identifying any potential allergies or intolerances, assess vitamin and mineral deficiencies/malabsorption issues and establishing healthy dietary habits for longevity.

  • A comprehensive health analysis (biological, psychological & social) is conducted to find out more about your health status
  • Physical examinations and further pathology testing may be recommended
  • A personalised Treatment Protocol will be created for you which may include..
  • Clinical Nutrition Prescription
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Health & Lifestyle Advice

This consultation provides an opportunity to add a Personalised Recipe collection onto your treatment plan!


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