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Revital Health takes testing and analysis very seriously and we equally love you getting the results you can see. We help guide you in the right direction of testing from the most quality, cutting edge and reliable. We can also help you interpret the results you already have.

We have the following in-clinic, online and functional testing options available to help you reach optimal health.

You can also come in just for testing for a small fee outside of consultations.


  • HbA1C – A 5-minute test that measures your average blood glucose over 3 months.
  • Random glucose testing
  • Blood pressure
  • Urinalysis- infection markers, blood, hydration and protein.
  • BIA- basic bio-impedance analysis for body composition, hydration, bone mass, fat, BMI and muscle analysis.
  • PH testing.
  • Pathology test analysis – reading test results can be an overwhelming task. We help you make sense of your results at an individual level.

Functional testing

Available to order based on individual requirements after a consultation (also available for online consultations).

Unique and comprehensive functional testing options that are suited to your needs to get the information most needed to get you to the next level of health. These range from complete nutritional evaluations at a cellular level, Microbiome mapping to hormone testing. We can find what’s needed for you!

  • Complete nutritional and metabolite analysis
  • Organic acid testing
  • Environmental toxin testing – recent and long term exposure.
  • Complete microbiome mapping and GI health
  • Allergy and intolerance testing
  • Heavy metal toxicity and allergies
  • Mould and other environmental allergies
  • DNA testing – find your snp’s that might be causing you health challenges.
  • My Dnage testing – the only true biological age test. How old are you really?
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for in-depth heavy metals and minerals analysis.
  • Plus lots more..

Book now you can get the health you want and see the results you need!


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