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Movement Services

The aspect of holism (treating the whole person; including consideration of other physiological, mental and emotional states of health) is also incorporated into our movement sessions. ​

This includes taking into consideration previous injuries, surgeries, other exercise participation, muscular strengths & weaknesses as well as current pathologies and health conditions; all the while considering your personal training goals.​

At the Revital Health Clinic; we are utilising cutting edge technologies for incorporation into therapeutic movement. This includes equipment such as BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) bands, Vibration Therapy (Vibe Plate) which can be completed in 30-45 minute sessions

  • Increase strength & cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve mobility, flexibility & improve posture
  • Encourage weight loss
  • Enhance ligament, tissue and muscle repair
  • Accelerate your movement session with the use of specialised equipment!

Exercise protocols can also be a complimentary addition to a Naturopathic or Nutritional Medicine Consultation or protocol!


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