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Limitless lucid states! Have your mind blown with Willow Francis!

Limitless lucid states! Have your mind blown with Willow Francis! Episode 52!
You asked for it! We got it! All about the lucid states
This is a deeeep one! Get ready to have your mind blown!
The out-of-body state involves the feeling of one’s body floating, standing and walking outside of the physical body one identifies with while awake. This experience is usually attained while in a state somewhere between waking and sleeping. It is different from a dream. All the senses are heightened, hyperreal – one is lucid, conscious and aware.
It is a whole new reality to navigate, to maintain focus in and transcend the limits of day to day rationale in relating to one’s environment. With skill, you can dive deeply into this incredibly mystical state which once seemed a realm only for the mystical elite.

About Willow:
During a serious, life-threatening accident, Willow Francis suddenly found himself outside of his physical body. He watched the horrific events happen to his body as if he was another person in the crowd. This moment fundamentally changed his understanding of reality. Willow later learned that the shock and pain of the event had jolted him involuntarily into an Out of Body state. During the weeks following the accident, Willow practiced breath work and meditation to deal with the intense pain of the healing process. Several times he again found himself in spontaneous out-of-body experiences. In these states his senses were hyper real – he could feel, touch, taste and smell. These experiences propelled Willow on a journey to seek explanation and understanding. He travelled to various parts of the world researching the latest findings on the science of Lucid Dreaming and the Out of Body State. Willow has since experienced many spontaneous and intentional alternate states through the practices he learned. He has experienced powerful physical, mental and spiritual benefits from being in the states. Willow now runs workshops and holds presentations to inspire others and share a practical understanding of this profound phenomenon which he describes as one of the most incredible things you can experience in this lifetime.
Willow has been a licensed trainer and coach for The HeartMath Institute for the past 6 years. Prior to this, his journey has taken him around the world to study with shamans, spiritual teachers and esteemed practitioners in the areas of personal and spiritual growth and optimal health and wellness.
He has been an emergency room nurse and military paramedic – he is committed to grounding spiritual practices into genuine depth and practical action
He has also been holding Cacao Ceremonies in Perth regularly for the past decade.
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Episode 52