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In-Clinic Testing

Testing options are readily available at the Revital Health Clinic! Here are just some of the in-clinic testing options you may experience during a consultation:

  • HbA1C – A 5-minute test that measures your average blood glucose over 3 months
  • Random Glucose Testing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Urinalysis – infection markers, blood, hydration and protein
  • BIA- Basic Bio-Impedance Analysis for body composition, hydration, bone mass, fat, BMI and muscle analysis
  • PH testing
  • Pathology Test Analysis – reading test results can be an overwhelming task. We help you make sense of your results at an individual level
  • Iridology – Iris analysis used as a holistic tool to identify system weaknesses or ailments

Our team utilises comprehensive high-level functional testing to obtain the information necessary for your healing journey

Available to order based on individual requirements after a consultation (also available for online consultations

Unique and comprehensive functional testing options individualised to you!

  • Complete nutritional and metabolite analysis
  • Organic acid testing
  • Environmental toxin testing – recent and long-term exposure.
  • Complete microbiome mapping and GI health
  • Allergy and intolerance testing
  • Heavy metal toxicity and allergies
  • Mould and other environmental allergies
  • DNA testing – find your snp’s that might be causing you health challenges.
  • My DNA-age testing – the only true biological age test. How old are you really?
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for in-depth heavy metals and minerals analysis.
  • Plus lots more..


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