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Conscious Kink for Self Empowerment, Relationships and Healing with Kimi Inch

In this episode Kimi and I have a very fun discussion on conscious kink, how it can empower you and lead to self knowledge and healing.

Kink expert Kimi Inch (aka Mistress Nina Payne) has been involved in the kink lifestyle as a professional Dominatrix since 2002. In 2006, she was hired by New York’s top dungeons to develop training programs for their new employees. This eventually led her to start her educational company in 2008 called Domi Dollz.

Through Domi Dollz she was able to bring her kinky lesson plans to the mainstream by holding public workshops as a way to teach and empower curious individuals and couples on how to enhance their sex lives through kink and fantasy exploration. Alongside her classes, Kimi also holds somatic therapy sessions focused around intimacy, relationship help, and sexual healing.

Kimi Inch has lectured at Princeton University and has been featured in several media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Cosmo magazine, New York Post, and Business Insider. She has also made numerous television appearances, having been featured on ABC’s 20/20, ABC’s Nightline, The OWN Network’s Our America with Lisa Ling,  TMZ Live, and IBTimes TV.

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Learning how to Conscious Kink can bring depth and pleasure to not only the relationship you have with your partner, but most importantly – the relationship you have with yourself. Kimi Inch (aka Mistress Nina Payne) leads an exploration on how Conscious Kink can harness the different ways we can open to experiencing more pleasure, more excitement, more creativity and deeper presence with ourselves and everyone in our lives.

By using BDSM techniques as a tool for growth and expansion, her classes explore tapping into curiosity, building a safe container, opening up our capacity for pleasure, bringing more energetic flow into the body, and ultimately gaining more self-knowledge.  

Her classes are well suited for students ranging from those who are curious novices to the well-versed experts. Mindfulness, empowerment, and playfulness are keywords for this experience. 

Enjoy this fun and informative podcast 🙂

Hosted by
Jodi Duval

Perth based Functional Naturopath and Lecturer, Jodi Duval discusses health tips and tricks for you and your family. Giving you the latest information to get you to your optimal health and empower you with the knowledge and passion to do so. Jodi will also be featuring guests from a variety of different areas of the health and wellness industry. Stay tuned and have fun!

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