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Chrononutrition and Sleep Strategies with Greg Potter Phd

Chrononutrition and sleep strategies with Greg potter Phd

I had a fascinating talk with Greg and we go deep into the research behind nutrition and biological clocks, and all aspects of sleep.
This is a very very informative podcast that will expand your mind!! It sure did mine!

Greg has a BSc and an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University, where he coached a sprinter to four gold medals at the European Championships. Greg has also worked with groups such as The United States Naval Special Warfare Command on health and performance optimization. He is now Chief Scientific officer for a digital health startup.

Greg Potter’s PhD work at the University of Leeds on sleep, diet, and metabolic health was featured by the likes of the BBC World Service, the Washington Post, and Reuters.

We discuss:
What is chrononutrition
Fasting/ ideal eating times
Eating windows and ideal time for greatest energy consumption.
Differences in males and females
Biological clocks- circadian rhythms, light dark cycle, peripheral clocks, eating and fasting.
Chronotypes and sleep
Why sleep is imperative to health and disease prevention.
How much sleep we actually need?
Dietary support strategies for good sleep
Sleep across the lifespan
Tracking sleep and validity
Caffeine implications
Hydration implications
Waking up 2/3am
What improves REM and Non REM
Why we can’t sleep – impacts of light and environment 
How to improve sleep
Sleeping aids and supplements-
Resilient Nutrition
Plus lots lots more in between!!!

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Hosted by
Jodi Duval

Perth based Functional Naturopath and Lecturer, Jodi Duval discusses health tips and tricks for you and your family. Giving you the latest information to get you to your optimal health and empower you with the knowledge and passion to do so. Jodi will also be featuring guests from a variety of different areas of the health and wellness industry. Stay tuned and have fun!

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