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About Revital Health

Hi I’m Jodi and I’m the founder and principal naturopath here at Revital health.

As a Functional Naturopath, I combine traditional forms of medicine with cutting edge scientific research to treat the underlying causes of disease. I love digging deep into peoples’ health, and I use a large range of functional and in-clinic testing to learn about my patients’ histories and genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. We then work together to create a treatment plan to help them live with more clarity, energy and purpose; and maximise their long-term health.

I grew up on a farm in Keysbrook (southeast of Perth) where my family rescued and rehabilitated sick and injured animals. My mum would treat them (and us!) with homeopathic and herbal medicines and ever since, I’ve been addicted to all things health! And a hopeless animal lover!

But my real health obsession began in 2008 when I had a personal wake-up call. I was living in London, studying Naturopathy full time and also working and partying full time (as you do when you’re 22!). I was anxious and highly stressed, drinking litres of coffee and taking stimulants to help me get through the day. I battled an eating disorder and suffered terrible gut and immune system issues.

Of course it wasn’t long before I crashed and burned. I had chronic adrenal fatigue and physically could not continue – my body had had enough. I started looking for ways to heal myself , and came across an ad for a raw food workshop. I thought, it couldn’t hurt to give it a try? Maybe it would help bring some vitality back to my life?

In a small home kitchen, we learned the basics of raw food preparation and made a number of fresh, tasty, plant-based dishes. But my turning point?

I tried the raw chocolate.

The feeling was incredible. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life! I felt calm, relaxed, loving and vital. The power of real, nourishing, close-to-nature (and delicious) food gave me energy and focus that I couldn’t remember ever having before!

Converted, I started making plant based dishes and vital food all the time, for myself and my friends. But I didn’t stop there. With my newfound energy, I became obsessed with finding all the best ways I to maximise my health.

Life became so much easier to manage, and not only did I finish my Naturopathy degree while working the same full time job, I started another job, and a new business (making and selling raw chocolate!). I had my vitality back!

When I returned to Australia, I was determined to help other people experience the same shift. So in 2012, after the birth of my son, I opened Revital Health.

I also lecture at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, and I’m currently completing a Masters in Human Nutrition. I am a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher but I’m always trying new things when it comes to exercise – I love to push my body, and take things to the next level when it comes to health and fitness!

The most important thing I learned from my burnout experience is that it only takes one small change to turn everything around. That one piece of chocolate wasn’t a miracle cure – but it was enough to produce a ripple effect. When I got sick, I was studying Naturopathy, so deep down I knew what I had to do. But it wasn’t until I actually did something and experienced a change that I realised the full potential of my health. Before that, I didn’t know what was possible!

Everybody deserves to know how it feels to live with the best possible health, and that’s why I am constantly looking for the newest and most effective ways to achieve it. I won’t settle for anything less for myself, my family or my patients.

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Meet Melissa!  Our newest team member.

When you are young, you tend to take your health for granted. I believe part of this is because you are more resilient and have the ability to bounce back from things much easier. You can have a night out (or consecutive nights), with little to no sleep, poor diet, and still be able to go to work or study at 8am the next day. It’s not until later on when things start to catch up to you, and you don’t seem to recover from things as well.

I’ve had my own experience of this in the past. But even though I was able to ‘bounce back’ from these choices that weren’t too kind to my body, I never really felt great, and I was definitely not functioning at my optimal potential. For me, health isn’t just about being free from ‘disease’. It’s about how you feel, how you perform, and your ability to actualise your potential.

When I first started studying Naturopathy in 2016, I didn’t think anything was ‘wrong’ with my health, apart from low energy, and a ‘few’ gut issues; which I laugh at in retrospect as I’ve learnt the gut literally impacts everything and my ‘little gut problems’ were causing me much more grief than I realised. As I started to become more educated and empowered, I started to put what I was learning into practice. My energy, mood, skin, and sleep all improved, but what was most significant was the impact healing my gut had on my cognitive function, mental clarity, and my ability to focus. Things I didn’t think were compromised until I experienced the alternative.

Anyone working through gut issues knows it can be quite emotional at times. Firstly, because of the direct connection between our gut and mood (95% of neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin are made in the gut, there’s also over 100 million nerve fibres connecting our gut to the nervous system – this is why our gut is sometimes referred to as the ‘second brain’). Secondly, because food is such an integral part of our lives, which can make social situations centred around food very hard. Also when you develop food sensitivities and start reacting to supposedly ‘healthy food’ it can feel really hopeless at times. But there is always hope, and there is always something you can do.

I am grateful to have been working for Revital Health under Jodi’s lead as a Naturopathic/social media assistant since November 2019. I’ll be graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy in July 2020, from which I will then be consulting. I like to find the WHY behind the WHAT that is happening, and address health concerns at the cause. Through education of the latest research (as well as traditional wisdom), empathetic support, and guidance, I hope for everyone to become empowered to take control of their health, and not accept common things as normal. I wish for everyone to experience how it feels to live with the best possible health.


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